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Hi there, I’m Cassandre,  I’m a former web designer turned blogger.  In this post, I will be reviewing Billionaire Blog Club (aka BBC.) introducing you to this program that I believe is a great investment.


Here’s my backstory:

  Last year (2017) I was beyond frustrated with my blogging journey, I was burnt out, running out of cash because I was joining and buying courses left and right trying to make this work. I’m talking about years people. After suffering a major setback in 2015 with losing a business partner and basically being sidelined, my ego took a hit as well as my pocketbook. I became depressed and wasn’t sure if I had it in me to start all over. But, something kept nagging at me to try again,  because I hate starting something and not finish it.  I was like I’m going to research for something and keep looking and  definitely know that when I  find it , It will lead me to  doing things the right way that matches my values and skills set. While browsing through Pinterest I came across this pin



I came across Billionaire Blog Club after participating in the 12-day blogging boot camp. This changed everything for me. Have you ever felt like something was specifically made for you? Like the universe was pointing you to the very thing you’ve been searching for? This was the case for me because as I mentioned before, I was at my last rope and ready to completely throw in the towel. I was beyond relieved that there was actually something that made complete sense and that you could tell there was genuine T.L.C. given in the creation of this

   Billionaire Blog Club is the brainchild of Paul ScrivensScrivs bio pic

 Fun Fact: Did you know that @scrivs attended my alma mater? (University Of South Florida)

Who is this for?

This is for anyone starting out with blogging or those who have a blog currently but would like to go from hobbyist to business owner. Someone who is willing to learn and put in the work for the long haul.

Who is it not for?

Someone who is looking for an overnight success. Or looking to make a quick buck. This isn’t for anyone who close-minded and not willing to put in the work either.


  Here are a few things I really like about BBC.


    1. Straight shooter

    The creator of BBC knows that your time and his is valuable,he does not serve any b.s. I mean everytime I came across some other courses or programs it always seemed someting was a bit off. Like I understand that at the end of day people are trying to make money. Which is fine and all, but have you ever wondered if they cared about your success? Based on my experience with BBC, Scrivs doesn’t just talk the talk, he is doing what he teaches. And sincerely gives a damn about his students doing well.

 2. Guided steps throughout the process.

  This is where the curriculum comes into play. If you’re a total beginner there’s a path for you, if you’re intermediate you know you have a blog but there are gaps there’s something for you as well. And of course, if you’re on the more advanced side there’s a path for you to follow for scaling and producing growth.billionaireblogclub curriculum

  3. Valuable & actionable information

The info within BBC is actually broken down into bite-size parts, that eliminates any inevitable overwhelm. Depending on how motivated you are you can knock the tasks in a day or two or even in a couple hours.

  4. Courses are always updated.

  If you don’t believe me, BBC has been updated to version 5.0

  5. Community

He has created a community of bloggers that are in different levels on their journey. You’re able to learn and contribute ideas with others. Not only that you actually feel less alone in doing this. After all, how many times you were excited about a new idea or something you learned and wanted to share it with your family and loved ones and they just completely brushed you off? Or asked you when are you going to get a “real job”? You can share it in the community. BBC Slack


  6. Accessible

Scrivs is actually available to your questions in real time. I mean he is literally an email or slack notification away. He actually has “office hours” when he is working on a project just to ensure that no one feels neglected. Also, he was kind enough to give us a community manager named Marybeth. She’s awesome!

 7. Affordable

In all honesty with all the things that are covered in BBC, it should be a lot more, which I’m certain it will change in the future.

But lucky for you, It’s currently only a one-time payment of $397. That’s a sweet deal if you ask me.

 So here’s a look at BBC dashboard. If you like challenges, there is something in here.billionaireblogclub challenges

What I didn’t like

 Yes, I did have a gripe about one thing, but  I’m glad it was just only one.In the beginning, there were paths that broke things down by days (day 1, day 2, etc) It made sense and was easy to follow. But then it was switched to curriculum, which was arranged by what level you were at on your blogging journey. At first, it threw me off, because I don’t like being blindsided especially when I have my momentum going. But eventually, I got the hang of it.



So if you are ready for a change and could really use a boost in getting results for the work your putting in. Or you just really don’t want to throw away your money on more courses and empty promises. This is something you should consider looking into. Even if I wasn’t part of this, I see how much value is provided in this. It’s more than a course, it’s a community, a hub for like minded individuals with a common goal to grow, make money, and live out their version of success. So I hope this has open your eyes to what is inside BBC, when you decide to join don’t be shy give me a holla @cassyp inside the slack community.

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