How to Grow Your Brand and Track Your Progress

By Cassandre Pierre

This past weekend, I finally cleaned out my closet. You’re probably wondering what’s the big deal? Well it brings me to my next point,while I was pulling out things I hadn’t worn or used for the past 6 months to a year. It reminded me that I have to do the same with my website/brand. There are things we do or habits we pick up while we are building and growing our business.

Some times we need to take an inventory on what’s not working, what needs tweaking, and adjusting our weekly,monthly, and yearly goals. 



The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

1. Acknowledge your current level.


What’s the question you need to ask yourself is which one are you are you?

Are you a newbie? online business owner if you are well when you’re starting out your main concern is to set a foundation and plan out what you would like to achieve.

If you’re someone in the middle you’re not a newbie but you’re still not advanced you’re more likely intermediate and you’ve established a foundation and you’re concerned with implementing what will help you grow.

And lastly of course if  you’re advance,that means you’re established you have a strong following you have experienced growth and  just want to continue and ensure that what you’re doing is still working.

I’m introducing to you website growth review or brand review if you want to call it that as well and what you’re looking for are where you stand now.



Know your numbers 

If you’re a newbie you would use this as basically establishing an actual number goal that you would like to reach on a  weekly,monthly, and or yearly basis.

if you’re advanced intermediate or beginner so first thing’s where do you stand in this case you need to collect your numbers so you might want to check how many email subscribers you have how many visitors are visiting your website if you have a number of blog posts but

you need to know how many you have currently at hand and of course you want to know what your numbers look like for your social media followers.  For example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter,as well as YouTube subscribers.


 2. Newbies

Now for someone who’s a newbie you may not have any of these things as of yet which is okay because this will work for you even if your just starting out. 

 You will also need to know like what your challenges are or for someone who’s starting out you will need to at least have an idea what are the possible challenges that you will encounter. 

You would think about what are the lessons that are important for you to be aware of? that you must learn and developing your brand or developing your website.

3. Intermediate

  Next, you want to figure out is problems or pain points that your audience experiences that you can provide a solution for.

  For example, you might want to look at search results for on Google search. I like to go to Pinterest and see what people are searching for based on those results I can come up with content to address those pain points.

4. Advanced

  In this case, you will definitely need at least one or two you do not want to overwhelm yourself with going on 5 or more. When starting out, you may feel compelled to join every single social media platform. DON’T! Because you will get overwhelmed and basically burn yourself out. I’ve made that mistake in the past.  Lesson learned, now I currently focus only on my Pinterest account and Instagram.

5. Here’s the worksheet breakdown

         The top portion of the worksheet will focus on:

  • Email Subscribers
  • The number of site visitors you receive
  • Number of blog posts you currently have written and published

Then It focuses on what your numbers look like for your social media accounts. For example my

  • Facebook #
  • Instagram#
  • Twitter#
  • Pinterest#
  • Youtube#

 **Please note you don’t have to have all of these social media accounts. It’s just to provide options for those who may have one or two.

Then the remainder of the worksheet has a few questions that will help you with what to look for. There are about 7 in total, but you can always add your own in your notes.


  1. What were my achievements?

  2. What were my biggest challenges?

  3. What were my most important lessons?

  4. What am I most proud of?

  5. What were the best investments I made?

  6. What were my most poplar posts?

  7. What are my growth goals for 2019?


So to recap this is just an easy way for you to keep track of the progress your making and help you take inventory on what’s working or not and adjust your marketing and or brand strategy.

Hope you were able to find value in this post, if so please comment below and share with anyone you know who could use something like this as a reference. 

All The Best, 

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