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I’m here to talk to you about how to make awesome Pins and the benefits of using Pinterest for your business. here are some pinterest fun facts the total of their monthly active Pinterest users are 175 million people which is really good for you if you’re special ear in small business the total number of Pinterest pins are 50 billion plus and Counting

  Why Pinterest?


Benefits of using Pinterest

You’re  probably wondering why  bother using Pinterest? Well here are a few benefits of using Pinterest: it’s a visual search engine, your content remains evergreen, it helps for getting more visitors to your site, it introduces and promotes your business to new and current customers, helps with business growth, and of course the best thing ever it is free.

Pinterest came on the scene in March 2010, Founded By Ben Silbermann ,Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp for more info you can learn more or for more background on  how it got started go to google search and search pinterest history.

Begin with your best ideas.

So what do you need to get started first, let’s begin with your best ideas?  Your ideas should help people with a common pain point individuals who are looking for solutions.  For example, if you are a stay-at-home mom or you’re just a parent who is frustrated with your kids leaving their toys all over the playroom and you’re trying to find a solution to organize their playroom. The ideas that can help would be with planning a way for them to organize the toys in a manner where the kids will be able to find the toys and be able to put the toys away.

Then there’s also the ideas that  can help with planning a significant milestone or occasion in the lives of your audience. For example, weddings people are always preparing for weddings. Brides to be are always looking for inspiration for bridesmaid dresses, cakes, for decor ideas or venue locations. You can create pins displaying if you provide a service, let’s say you are an event planner or your photographer. You may want to showcase your work of events you’ve coordinated or how you take images of weddings this would be a perfect platform.

Your ideas should represent actionable and inspiring ideas. people come to Pinterest to find ideas from brands and businesses like you and they want pins that help them to give something a try or to do something new.

Create For Pinterest First.

As stated before, Pinterest is a visual search engine that means when you add your pins with your SEO keyword descriptions it also shows up on the largest search engine Google.  For example let’s say I create a pin on how to do a certain task or activity. When someone goes on Google and types in how to do this particular task or activity my pin will likely show up as one of the options on the list. So in doing that I just took care of two things in one task, what’s not to love about that? I not only create a pin that is SEO rich with keywords inside the popular Pinterest but it also complements the Google search so someone does look for something in particular for that particular task my pins will be one of the options that will show up on the list so the person wants to read the blog post about it or if they want to see an actual visual step by step of how to do this particular task they have more than one option.

Use Captivating Pictures

When you’re creating your pins ,there’s an article from New York Times that goes in detail on why we love beautiful things naturally that human eye is attracted to colors shapes and patterns and best way possible to say is that beauty literally moves us.

So what are the best images? or that are there are best to use on Pinterest in this case vertical images are always the best way.

5 Essential Gourmet Salts

As you can see in this example,  these are two different pins that I created using Canva and both images are displaying items in an appealing way the one to the left which is the macaron soap gift set. That is actually four pictures that I combined and it created one pin.  The one to the right which is the five essential gourmet salts. This pin gives them a display of all the salts different colors and then of course the image below it  gives them a closer view. So they can see the different textures of these gourmet salts. The reason why this is important is more than likely the individuals who are searching online, they are shopping online. They do not have the options to touch, smell,  taste, and or feel the product before buying. So it is important to basically display  these items for them in the most natural setting or relatable way before they purchase it.

So what are the best sizes  to use when you’re creating your pins? according to Pinterest the best sizes  are the following 600 pixels by 600 pixels, 600  pixels by 900 pixels , and 600 pixels by 1260 pixels.

For me personally I tend to stay somewhere in the middle 600 pixels to 900 pixels but sometimes I do jump a little bit more I’ll go from 735 pixels by  1150 pixels. Depending and the reason for that is because you don’t know what your pins to be too long because the longer it is when you’re on when it uploads on Pinterest the image may not be seen completely so the’ll get cut off so what happens is the individual will have some more likely click on the pin so that they don’t have to expand it to see in its full scale so stay somewhere in the middle you can’t go wrong because then they’ll be able to see everything that you’re showcasing on your pin.

What Can You Use to Create Pins?

I mentioned before I use canva but you’re not limited when it comes to the options on creating your pins.

You have photoshop ,Pixlr, PowerPoint, Canva, and Keynote. Pixlr, Keynote and PowerPoint are all free. Photoshop is more likely for those who are a little bit more advanced and it does include   a monthly fee.

for it but if you do happen to have a PC you’ll most likely have Windows where you can access PowerPoint you’re good you don’t even have to go and get something else. Now if you have a Mac,you can use keynote which is similar to Powerpoint. And then, of course, there’s Pixlr editor you can find that on on a web browser and like I said before Canva, which is my preference it’s also online and it’s also free.

If you guys are interested in having a demonstration on how you can create pins using these particular options just let me know in the comments below and I’ll go ahead and let you know when I create them for you.

Say It With Words!

Another thing that’s important when creating your pins it’s to  to include text on your images for better understanding as

you can see, for this example here this is a pin that I have created and this is it says how to create a substantial income on Pinterest”

it’s telling them exactly what it is what the pin is pertaining to when they click on this pin and would either lead them to a article blog article or a roll or to a landing page offer for a particular ebook or course program and the reason why you would want to do this is it helps individuals who may be pressed for time to easily scan your pins and save them for later and also you got to be mindful a lot of people are looking at Pinterest on their devices more likely their smartphone.

And so let’s say they happen to be a taking a quick 30 minute lunch break,  so while on here want to scan through Pinterest and they’re looking for something they know that  they need. If they see something that says  “how to do this” or this something that they’re been searching for they just click and save it and come back to it later.

Display Attractive Branding

Next we will be talking about the importance of branding your pins which are optional.

“when people use your brand name as a verb that is remarkable”

it’s actually one of my favorite quotes when it comes to branding one of the requirements as well that you mean when you’re creating your pins is to display attractive branding.  So the here are some examples I found. 

These two well-known brands that everyone knows so, for example, this one was the pineapple upside-down cheesecake it’s coming from Kraft granite we warned Pinterest and you type up pineapple upside-down cheesecake recipes there are a plethora of these pins and reference to that particular recipe but what makes this stand out is the fact that this one is coming from Kraft.

People recognize Kraft especially because it’s a well-known brand and also it’s something that people are more likely going to see when they go to the store. So as you see here Kraft  has created this pin and they added our logo on the very bottom and it’s very it’s subtle it’s not overbearing and it complements their image.

Then you have this next one here that I found which was from Best Buy and the image is a display of a laptop that appears to be either a college college dorm room and they also did the same thing they put their statement on the top and then they have their logo on very small very subtle but not overbearing and it’s very compliments the image.  So of course when someone is searching for something in reference to it be the recipe or review for the electronic device  the branding of that will remind them that they can always go and purchase that particular item or look up that recipe because they recall the brand.

It just sticks with people better but I said before it is optional but if you’re a small business owner or you’re just starting out it really actually helps you with creating brand awareness so that people could always recall okay I know Brand X Y & Z is well known for this or they’re consistent with portraying that they provide this product or this service.  So this is one of the things that benefit you as a small business owner or online business owner when you display your brand on your pins.


It’s All In the Details

         A good description can make your idea more compelling and actionable.

As you can see in this example there’s a Room’s to Go pin and they’re mentioning that it is their 27th anniversary so they’re giving the people a sense of urgency letting you know that it ends on a certain day and that also to take action.  Which is you know they really want to participate in is that they can go to the actual physical store or shop online to be able to get savings. 

The end goal of doing this is to drive clicks using a description text to hint that there’s more to see on your website and a strong call to action like shop made fine or buy encourages people to make the next steps.

What is the most important takeaway?  that everyone has to remember, especially your thinking about how to make great pins or why you can create pins in the first place so as your pins are made to show up and relevant searches the whole point of creating a pin is the goal is to get eyes on your products, your services, your website and your offers.

Pinterest is well known it’s well documented that they help create traffic for businesses and the best part about it’s not paid traffic ,it’s free traffic. Now they do have a promoted ads which are of course the business service that you pay for but when you’re starting out and you’re low on funds and you’re just trying to get your name out there you can’t go wrong with Pinterest.

3 Things to Remember

Things you want to remember when you are creating your pins: image, title, descriptions to ensure your pin. To appear in relevant searches you always want to be mindful that you have a compelling and captivating image, as I stated before a title. The title is a headline or our basic needs giving a brief description or headline as to it what it’s about and of course your description which you know you add your keywords that you’re trying to target.


We’ve discussed the benefits of using Pinterest, we’ve mentioned the Pinterest facts,cause numbers don’t lie, we explained the purpose of delivering your best ideas, how creating content for pinterest helps your content being seen on other platforms, we discussed the various examples on how you can create your pins, and also what  software you can use to create the pins. If there are any questions or you would like me to create a  blog post/video about a certain topic you can leave a comment below or you can shoot me an email at hello@cassandrepierre.com

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When people use your brand name as a verb that is remarkable”

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