Grow your email list and automate your sales with my Non-Techie Friendly page templates.

Wouldn't it be awesome to finally stop procrastinating on that new opt-in idea you have or launch the newest promotion you want without being overwhelmed by the technical side of designing a landing page?

Well look no further:

Designing high converting landing pages shouldn’t  require you to be a rocket scientist or make you want to throw your laptop out a window

Maybe You Can Relate?

You're trying to build a scalable business

but there is an endless to do list . You’ve  finally figured out how the whole sales funnel thing works, and what you need to do to get new leads.  

You come across other business owners

with amazing landing pages and naturally want the same thing.

It's So Frustrating

You're beyond frustrated with the sluggish growth your experiencing in your business and know that things need to change.

You know you need to create a sales funnel

yet you push it to the back burner and focus on something else.  

You try to figure it out

So  you go out trying to figure out what their secret is, only to realize you have no clue or technical know how to get started.


You are constantly hearing the hype about how sales funnels are a game changer and how much your business can benefit from them.

It's easier said than done

But actually designing that landing page and piecing together that sales funnel appears a lot more complicated than people make it seem.

Landing Page Templates

I’ve designed 8 different templates to help you accomplish meeting your marketing goals.

Conveniently and elegantly.

These templates work ideally with your WordPress theme, All you need to do is install a page builder plugin and upload the templates.

 And then from that point, editing is as easy as 1, 2, & 3

I was soooo dreading the process of creating a sales page and landing page for my new eBook. So much so that I almost considered paying someone to make it for me (note: I did ask for prices), but Cassy saved my butt and my pocketbook. Her templates are AH-MAZING and so easy to use. It’s literally plug-and-play. The only thing I had to do was change out the images and text and it was all set. 
Thanks so much for creating these different templates! I can say that I will be using them often <3”

Brianna N.| balance and


8 professionally-designed and high converting landing page templates to use with WordPress.

TripWire Page

Webinar Registration Page

Sales Page

Opt-In Page

Thank You Page

Offer Expired Page

E-book Landing Page

Live Webinar Page


No need to worry about the complicated bits, it’s already been handled.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials that will walk you through the setup process so you can feel confident about creating the landing pages on your own.

Step By Step

A guide with instructions and checklists will be included for setting up each landing page and a few suggestions for tools to use with your landing pages.

Tech Support

Technical Support from yours truly, Cassandre and my team of designers/developer who helped create these landing page templates.

Free Updates

No need to worry if you have the latest version, there will always be kept up to date.


Build your marketing campaigns with ease and with minimal stress.

You’re probably thinking “That’s  all good! But how the hell exactly can I use these templates?”

No worries, I’ve got  you covered!


Using my landing page templates, you can create an unlimited amount of sales funnels to help build and grow your business automatically. And gain the most from each new subscriber you secure.


Here are 3 examples of sales funnels that you can create using these templates.

Webinar Funnel

Planning on having a live training?

Create this page to let your audience know to register for your webinar.

When their done lead them to the Thank You page.


Are you looking for a way to turn your subscribers into buying customers?

Create your opt-in page , then create your trip wire page to let your audience know about your one time offer.

Direct your subscribers to the tripwire offer with a limited timer

Once the subsciber has made their purchase, lead them to the thank you page.

Offer Expired

Sometimes your subscribers need  a  friendly reminder

When the timer runs out on your offer, it's good practice to inform your subscribers.

You can lead them to another Trip-wire offer and promote your opt-in to stay in the loop.

Marybeth bio pic

I’m a blogger, but the technical side of blogging intimidates me.  I’m more of a creative person, I love crafts and decor and generally anything that makes things pretty.  How you sit down in front of the computer and make a page on your computer look pretty is 100% over my head. I have no idea how to do that and, to be honest, I’m afraid of learning how.  

At least I was until Cassy came along with her gorgeous templates that even a technophobe like me could customize to suit my brand.  

The other thing I’m not, is a salesperson.  But you HAVE to be able to sell to be a successful blogger.  Cassy’s templates make it effortless. She prompts you in each section with what you should be telling your audience. I needed that and I didn’t even know that I needed that.  A blank slate would not have worked for me, I would have given up before I even started.

MaryBeth S. |

Hi! I’m Cassandre

I help newbie entrepreneurs find creative and affordable ways to get their online biz started  and on the right track. And also help simplify web design so that it is easy for you to customize.

Cass (clear)

NO Longer stress Setting Up a sales funnels ever again!


You’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or blogger

You’re feeling overwhelmed and wish there was an easier way

You’re so over DIY-ing everything but not ready to hire someone quite yet

You can’t afford to spend money on expensive landing page software

You need to save time in creating well-designed landing and sales pages

You’re ready to grow your business the smart way


 You’ll click on the buy button, where you will make a secure payment. You’ll receive an email with your receipt and download link for your templates. 


Open the guide for step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. Within the guide you’ll follow along on how  to upload the templates files to your WordPress site.


Change the colors and fonts and add in your own copy and photos. Now you’re ready to launch your beautiful landing page/sales page/opt-in page/etc!


Is it easy to use? What if I’m not a tech person?

This was created with you in mind. For those who are just starting out and those who can handle the basic tech. As long as your using WordPress this is for you.

Are the templates designed for mobile/responsive?

Yes, all have been prepared to work well with all devices, smartphone,tablet, and laptop/desktop screens.

Does this price include lifetime access, or will I have to pay for a yearly license to keep using my templates?

There’s no  monthly or yearly subscription. This is a “one and done” payment, cause you  have other things to juggle in your business. This is just one less thing to worry about.

What tools do I need to use these templates?

WordPress. Then just install a free page builder and drag and drop the elements you’ll need.

Can I customize the templates to change the colors and fonts to match my brand?

Of course, that’s the  best and fun part of using these templates. All the templates are customizable, with the pagebuilder you are able to change it to your brands fonts and colors.

Will I receive any support? Is there a place to ask questions?

Yes, just fill out a support ticket and you’ll recieve a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Do you offer refunds?
Due to the nature of it being a digital products that is available for download immediately, refunds are not provided after a purchase has been made.

Please review the templates demos, requirements and reach out if you have any uncertainty or  additional questions prior to purchase.


Get these Landing Page Templates today and easily create a remarkable sales funnels that  actually does the heavy lifting for you!

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